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The Magical Adventures of Leary the Leprechaun

ABOUT LEARYYou’ve heard of him? Yes? ….. well, let me tell you some moreabout this little fellow from Irish folklore.Some say he is harmless, that he just loves fun,others think he’s a nuisance – but I do hope you’re not one?His name is Leary and, yes, he is bold –he’s been around for hundreds of…
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Recipes In Rhyme

Recipes in Rhyme

This latest Publication of mine has taken me into territory where I have limited knowledge. I can say, however, that although my talent as a cook is moderate, I am an enthusiastic amateur. Recipes in Rhyme is for everyone – whether you are a highly competent cook or keen to get better. The idea to…
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The Corporate Menagerie – How did you choose the characters?

Yes, it wasn’t simply a straightforward choice to include all the animals that came to mind. Diversity and Equality features prominently in The Menagerie, so it was important to ensure that there was a correct balance of personalities that would represent a fair cross section of global society. I also drew on my experience of…
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The Corporate Menagerie – Why the Menagerie? Why Animals?

I blame my Mother – God rest her soul. She used to describe people as animals and would hoot at her own imagination. It must have penetrated my subconscious because I have tended to do the same – for my sins! Then, of course, we use metaphors in everyday language e.g. brave as a lion,…
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Introducing my first book… Pride of Lions!

Hello everyone.  For those who don’t know about my Book, Pride of Lions, this is my unique account of the whole Lisbon Lions story in verse. All the games, all the players, the managers and coaches, stories from the players wives and stories from the fans about their experience. All in verse. The price is…
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