Training Concepts

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Training Concepts is my delivery vehicle for the soft skills workshops that I design and deliver for a number of organisations throughout the UK. In the 21 years of its existence, Training Concepts has gained four National Training Awards for the quality of the Programmes delivered to Clients.

As I have a particular interest in the development of younger people, especially those who have just been given supervisory, managerial and leadership responsibilities, I have decided to focus my offering on three main areas;

Leadership for Emerging Leaders ( 2 days)

  • Featuring the Leadership Game, a unique and competitive Board Game designed to facilitate our Three Phases of Leadership and the associated Leadership Styles and Competencies.
  • The Motivation Wheel – how to identify and manage individual motivations
  • The Leadership Grid – a simple model which demonstrates how to understand and when to use different styles of leaders
  • Leading and Managing – knowing the difference

Coaching for Emerging Leaders (2 days)

  • The pivot for this Programme is The Coachbuilder Boards, a four stage activity for engaging Participants in the coaching processes…….1. So You Want to Be a Great Coach? 2. Giving and Receiving Feedback 3. The Power of Open Questions 4. A Coaching Framework to Succeed

Managing Diversity (1 Day)

This Programme addresses four main areas, namely…….

  • Diversity, Equal Opportunities and The Law
  • Our 15 point Diversity Model – understanding the issues
  • Emotional Intelligence – understanding the thoughts and  behaviour
  • Different Strokes for Different Folks – understanding the people