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I first started dabbling in poetry about 18 years ago when I wrote a poem for my sister’s Silver Wedding. I didn’t take it very seriously nor did anyone else!  Since then I have given it a bit more commitment and have drafted two Books for publishing (see Tom’s Books). It is something I would like now to concentrate on more as I have received widespread positive feedback – overwhelmingly complimentary to be honest – that suggests I have something to offer.

Recently, I have written some customised, commemorative poems for friends and I would like to commercialise my work to find out if there is a market that I believe exists (see Poems for You)

I write whatever is in my thoughts and my poems range from humorous to tragic with pretty much everything else in between.

Poems for Free

If you wish to download any of my poems that I have made available for free please click here.

Poems to Buy

My other poems are available at a small cost by clicking on this link.