The Magical Adventures of Leary the Leprechaun

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The Magical Adventures of Leary the Leprechaun

You’ve heard of him? Yes? ….. well, let me tell you some more
about this little fellow from Irish folklore.
Some say he is harmless, that he just loves fun,
others think he’s a nuisance – but I do hope you’re not one?
His name is Leary and, yes, he is bold –
he’s been around for hundreds of years and never grows old.

You see, Leary is a Leprechaun, a curious little fellow –
he makes shoes and has a pot of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow.
He wears a little green coat and little brown boots
and a crooked green hat – can you imagine how he looks?
He has a curly brown beard and a mischievous smile –
Oh, and he can do magic and turns up, unexpectedly, every once in a while.

He lives alone, some say, inside a very old oak tree,
he needs no friends, has no family – he is, well, he is just Leary!
He’ll visit some towns and villages from time to time,
and people leave their shoes at their doorstep as a sign
that they need Leary to collect and repair their shoes
because they know that no-one mends shoes better than Leary does.

And if the shoes are too worn and cannot be repaired,
Leary will return several days later with a brand-new pair.
No-one ever quite knows which village or town Leary will visit
and they pay for the work that he does with whatever they can give him.
Some leave food or tea and others leave what they think might be needed
But, wherever he goes, Leary the Leprechaun always travels in secret.

So, let’s follow Leary on his travels right now –
you can never be sure, for he might visit your town.
He is always looking to help, but if he hears someone has done a wicked deed,
Leary will give them a lesson that he thinks they need!
He can be kind when he’s happy, bad-tempered when he’s not
and when you read about him, I wonder…… what will be your thoughts?

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