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The Magical Adventures of Leary the Leprechaun

The decision to write this Children’s Book was inspired by my two grandsons, Harrison and Max. Like all grandparents, I love reading bedtime stories to them and so it seemed natural to write some for them. Leary comprises ten stories each with a gentle subliminal message and each beautifully illustrated by Lynn Fuller. The idea is to both entertain and educate the children who listen to, and read all about, Leary.

It seems , from the feedback I have received, that the stories also appeal to many adults!

So, if you love telling lovely, meaningful stories to the children in your life I hope Leary the Leprechaun will be part of your children’s library.

I may not be a child, but I absolutely love this! So charming – and also true to life. So very talented. Amazingly beautiful illustrations!

Eileen Howsin, Omagh

I absolutely love this Book. It takes me back to my childhood. I imagine reading this to my nieces Devon and Aspen and they will hang on every word. I could probably read it to an audience of children and adults and they would hang on every word. It is feel good – there are so many lessons in there for every age, young and old, and I believe in Leprechauns anyway … but more so now!

Carrie McGarry, Cambuslang

The Book was a big hit with my three grandchildren. It is fantastic – so clever and funny and the illustrations are brilliant. Ryan who is 8, loved your stories and he is now going to get his friends to look for Leprechauns! Aimee, 14, and Lucy 12. were laughing at them too. They both said younger kids will love Leary and that the illustrations were brilliant. I really enjoyed reading it to them and it just proves you are never too old to read a good kid’s book – well done!

Alicia Smyth, Glasgow

Recipes in Rhyme

The idea to write a Recipe Book came to me whilst watching one of the many Food Programmes that appear on television nowadays and, of course, I am well aware that there is an abundance of Cookery Books which have been written by experts – which, clearly, I am not – therefore, for my Book to be appealing I, obviously, needed to make it a little different.      

As my previous Books, Poems and Short Stories are all written in verse it seemed very natural to me to write this Book in poetic form also. I am not sure if there are other Cookery Books that have been written in rhyme and, to underline its uniqueness, I decided that I would ask my Social Media friends to contribute by sending me their favourite recipes……..which they did!

Recipes in Rhyme is neither a classic, nor is it meant to be. I can say, however, that it has an international flavour (no pun intended) with contributions from Friends from Ireland, Italy, Moldova, Pakistan and South Africa as well as the UK countries and I have no doubt that there are some grand cooks amongst those who have offered their Recipes. The Recipes are all authentic and they all sound delicious to me so I hope that you will be able to enjoy trying as many of them as you can.

For every copy of the Book that is sold, the sum of £1.50 will be donated to the Organisation, Quiet Waters, a Registered Charity whose purpose is, by means of listening and counselling, to advance the Mental Health and promote the Wellbeing of families and individuals, enabling them to overcome their personal, relational and spiritual difficulties; enhancing their ability to cope with bereavement, trauma and loss. A very worthy cause.

The Corporate Menagerie

This is a thoroughly engaging Book about people, their behaviours and relationships – but with a twist. We use animal and creature analogies to describe each of the sixty characters all of which are beautifully illustrated in colour and defined in verse. The Book educates, informs and entertains and will appeal to all ages.

“On the surface, The Corporate Menagerie takes an innovative approach to animal metaphors and human behaviour. The book is written entirely in verse, and is comprised of sixty characters, who represent the complexities, intrigue, and wonder of life.

The alliteration is fun, metaphors more than relatable, and the verse is lyrical. But really, it is more than that and left this reviewer asking, who am I?”
– Annie Butler, The Alt Entertainer

“If you’re looking for a light but extremely relatable read about human behavior and work relationships, definitely give this book a try! You’ll not only recognize several of these characters as people you’ve encountered in your life, but you might even recognize yourself!”
– Jenny, Jen Jen Reviews

“Brown has a really good understanding of human behaviour, that much is obvious, and I think animals are a really good way of showing these personalities. It’s abstract while being relatable.

The illustrations done by Jill Newton are beautiful. I always love a messy style of illustration and it fits really well with the poems, I really like it.

All in all I like this book and I do think it’s worth maybe checking it out if you’re looking for an interesting poetry book then this is the one for you.”
– Rachael, Blind Dog Books

“This book is beautiful and educational. I can definitely see characters in these books in people I have met in my life as well as seeing myself in them too. This book is perfect for EVERYONE. From Teachers to Parents to Managers and Team Leaders.”
– Deborah, The Only Way is Books

Pride of Lions

Pride of Lions is a unique and comprehensive account of Celtic Football Club’s journey in Season 1966/67 to become the first British Club to win the European Cup. The Book describes each match, pen pictures of the players, some great statistics and stories from fans who made – or nearly made – the journey, in addition to their account of the experience of attending the Final in Lisbon from players’ wives.

“It’s the best book ever – it’s the style, the wit, the Scots dialogue, ingenius. It’s why I know so much more than I did a month ago. It’s a piece of Scots history that should never be forgotten. Football, well maybe, but one that I feel plays from their heart. Thanks Tom!”
– Emma Findlay

“I have just read this brilliant, unique book by Tom Brown which is certainly a fitting tribute to our iconic team! I thoroughly recommend to anyone. Very cleverly written and put together. Well Done Tom, your hard work was worth it! Hail Hail!”
– Bob Lavery

“Clever word play and gives me insight on players I wish I saw playing. Truly for the young for history, the older fans for great memories.
– David Wright

“Thank you for the lovely comments (about Stevie) you have in your Book. I am sure it will be a great success.”
– Sadie Chalmers, wife of the great Stevie