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Recipes in Rhyme

Recipes In Rhyme

This latest Publication of mine has taken me into territory where I have limited knowledge. I can say, however, that although my talent as a cook is moderate, I am an enthusiastic amateur. Recipes in Rhyme is for everyone – whether you are a highly competent cook or keen to get better.

The idea to write a Recipe Book came to me whilst watching one of the many Food Programmes that appear on television nowadays and, of course, I am well aware that there is an abundance of Cookery Books which have been written by experts – which, clearly, I am not – therefore, for my Book to be appealing I, obviously, needed to make it a little different.

As my previous Books, Poems and Short Stories are all written in verse it seemed very natural to me to write this Book in poetic form also. I am not sure if there are other Cookery Books that have been written in rhyme and, to underline its uniqueness, I decided that I would ask my Social Media friends to contribute by sending me their favourite recipes……..which they did!

Recipes in Rhyme is neither a classic, nor is it meant to be. I can say, however, that it has an international flavour (no pun intended) with contributions from Friends from Ireland, Italy, Moldova, Pakistan and South Africa as well as the UK countries and I have no doubt that there are some grand cooks amongst those who have offered their Recipes. The Recipes are all authentic and they all sound delicious to me so I hope that you will be able to enjoy trying as many of them as you can.

For every copy of the Book that is sold, the sum of £1.50 will be donated to the Organisation, Quiet Waters, is a Registered Charity whose purpose is, by means of listening and counselling, to advance the Mental Health and promote the Wellbeing of families and individuals, enabling them to overcome their personal, relational and spiritual difficulties; enhancing their ability to cope with bereavement, trauma and loss. A very worthy cause.

My thanks, and gratitude, goes to all of the Contributors who have taken the time to make this Project possible and a special thanks to my gifted friend Lynn Fuller who, in addition to providing a Recipe, has produced a superb illustration for the Front Cover of the Book.

Bon Appetit!


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