Poem – Road Works?

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Poem – Road Works?

I’m talking roads and juxtapose
all the things that get up my nose
city roads, country roads
motorways, the pain just grows
traffic cones, pedestrian zones
roads closed but no-one knows
traffic flows, what signs are those?
better learn the highway code

Diversion signs, just in time
where’s it leading to this time?
The Red man, traffic jams
there’s some that just don’t give a damn
Speed restrictions, near collisions,
does no-one think about conditions?
Cycle lanes, bus lanes
what I am doing here again?

Road ragers, old agers
Potholes now as deep as craters
Zebra crossings, waiting or walking?
Boy racers with their radios rocking.
Speed cordons, Traffic Wardens
issuing tickets without warning.
Speed cops, road works
Stops and start and sudden spurts

Lane hoggers, journey stoppers
yet another dreamy blocker,
Dust carts, more stops and starts
Tourists slow to check their map.
Give way, the sign says
not today so you’ll just stay.
Traffic lights, day and night,
drivers shooting red lights.

Dodgy cyclists, motor bikers
Lorry drivers and hitchhikers
Fast Drivers, Flash Drivers
Van Drivers, Mad drivers.
People learning how to drive
Why are tractors on the road at five?
Tell me please if you’re still driving
what’s the secret to surviving?

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