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Introducing my first book… Pride of Lions!

Hello everyone.  For those who don’t know about my Book, Pride of Lions, this is my unique account of the whole Lisbon Lions story in verse. All the games, all the players, the managers and coaches, stories from the players wives and stories from the fans about their experience. All in verse. The price is…
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Poem – Road Works?

I’m talking roads and juxtapose all the things that get up my nose city roads, country roads motorways, the pain just grows traffic cones, pedestrian zones roads closed but no-one knows traffic flows, what signs are those? better learn the highway code Diversion signs, just in time where’s it leading to this time? The Red…
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Poem – Who Cares?

Does anyone care about Palestine about the bombs and the ‘mines about the mothers and children, about this genocide? Does anyone care about people dying beyond wringing our hands and quietly sighing and some hopless mutterings when we see them crying? Does anyone care what Israel are doing are or we still, incredulously, wooing this…
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