CORPORATE GOBBLEDYGOOK! I am really glad I don’t work in the Corporate Jungle now, I think the changes would test my physical fitness, somehow. I’d have to be reaching out and doubling down whilst all the while I’d have to be lean and agile and prepared to go the extra mile! I’d have to be prepared to consider a paradigm shift - get my ducks in a row and pivot, whatever this is? I’d have to circle back, park that, hop on a call and deep dive and break out, drill down - that is if I am still alive! And if I am still up to speed (which would be some feat) I’d need to learn a new language – oh what a treat! I’d have to learn about new norms, brainstorms and levelling up, double down, double clicks, double digits and something called cohorts. I have to look out of the window of opportunity - there’s a thought shower expected today in the learning community! Or is it blue sky thinking or low hanging fruit? Now I am hearing I’m out of the loop Moving forward they want me to be a thought leader - to keep an eye on my radar and be a game changer. Put this at the top of my inbox, think outside of it too and now here’s something else I’d fly past you! Ping an e.mail, if you’re able, and consider the take aways (King Prawn Curry fried Rice, thank you if I may?) Oh, sorry you mean something else, but how was I to know and yes, I promise to touch base before I go! B2B, NLP, TLA mean three letter acronyms and there’s dozens more to make me feel dim, and you must stay woke but not in your comfort zone - certainly not when you’re working from home. Ah now here’s another e.mail, reaching out, that is hoping I’m well they don’t know me from Adam but hey isn’t that swell. They’re asking me to move the needle on the deliverables wanting to know what’s immediately actionable. Idiot you say well….oh sorry, you’re saying ideate I had no idea that this meant create! Non fungibles, intangibles, what’s my bandwith? I haven’t a clue, didn’t know it to start with. Oh, this is rather pleasant, they said I’m going off piste now someone else wants me to put it on ice! Oh drat! Now they’re asking me to take it offline and don't overcook Pure dead crap this Corporate Gobbledygook! Copyright TMB 2022

Poem – Idiomatically Animalistic!

So, you found a little red squirrel and now you’re hysterical because its sitting in the front seat of your car But don’t get a bee in your bonnet (hope you’re following this sonnet) after all you haven’t driven that far. To be perfectly frank, if it was a tiger in your tank you’d be…
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