Poem – Idiomatically Animalistic!

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Poem – Idiomatically Animalistic!

So, you found a little red squirrel

and now you’re hysterical

because its sitting in the front seat of your car

But don’t get a bee in your bonnet

(hope you’re following this sonnet)

after all you haven’t driven that far.

To be perfectly frank,

if it was a tiger in your tank

you’d be cheesing like a chimpanzee

But if it had been ants in your pants,

that would have caused you to rant

you’d be itching to get out of here!

A little bird told me,

she said if only,

you didn’t always act like that

so, just hold your horses

till we get this sorted

and get that monkey off your back.

There’s always a fly in the ointment

and usually excitement

you’re like a bull in a china shop

you give me butterflies in my gut

so just screw the nut

then I won’t have to watch like a hawk

The world is your oyster

(or should that be lobster)

best let sleeping dogs lie

You can’t each an old dog new tricks,

there is no quick fix

but surely, we can but try

It’s a chicken and egg situation,

that’s what we’re facing

I don’t want to disturb a hornet’s nest

I’m no wolf in sheep’s clothing,

but it’s me you have chosen

because you said that I knew best

Curiosity killed the cat

I thought you knew that

(Hell, it’s like leading a horse to water

but I’m starting to think

I can’t make him drink

and I’m wondering if I otter!)

This all started with a squirrel

and I’ve tried to be civil

but it seems like a wild goose chase

and trying to make sense

of all this nonsense

well, I can’t even get to first base!

So, we need you to calm down

don’t get so easily aroused

you’re as easy as shooting fish in a barrel

I know your bark’s worse that your bite

and you’re really alright

and you want to avoid all this hassle

that being so,

get your ducks in a row

let’s keep the lid on this can of worms.

No more wild goose chases

to undesirable places

you ‘ll just get your fingers burned

Excuse me, this gets on my goat…. I’ve a frog in my throat

It just seems right out of place

Now, what was I saying

Oh, yes, it’s not a game that we’re playing,

we can’t be moving at this snail’s pace

Because, really a rhinoceros

or even a hippopotamus

shouldn’t be driving a flashy car

I mean I’m not surprised there’s a fuss

they’ve given you a license and that’s nuts

no wonder you haven’t got far!

Copyright TMB 2018


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