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The Corporate Menagerie – Why the Menagerie? Why Animals?

I blame my Mother – God rest her soul. She used to describe people as animals and would hoot at her own imagination. It must have penetrated my subconscious because I have tended to do the same – for my sins! Then, of course, we use metaphors in everyday language e.g. brave as a lion,…
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The Corporate Menagerie – First Thoughts

In the run up to the launch of The Menagerie on 20th January I thought some of you might be interested in learning how I brought my Book to the market. Lots of people will say that they would love to write a Book but to do so you need to really, really want to…
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The people behind my new book… The Corporate Menagerie

I have met many people in my life, you knowsome are good pals and some barely so.I have met tall people and short people and some in between –I have met plenty people that I’ve never actually seen I have met boys and girls, some young and some oldI have met some who are shy…
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