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The Corporate Menagerie – What did you have to do to match the illustrations and verses to each of the characters, Tom?

Writing verse for each character involved a sort of three-dimensional thinking – first think of the characteristics of the creature character, then think of the real life person who, from your experience, matches that character (not essential but helpful), then think of the message that fits that character and importantly how you might relate to…
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The Corporate Menagerie – How did you choose the characters?

Yes, it wasn’t simply a straightforward choice to include all the animals that came to mind. Diversity and Equality features prominently in The Menagerie, so it was important to ensure that there was a correct balance of personalities that would represent a fair cross section of global society. I also drew on my experience of…
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The Corporate Menagerie – Why the Menagerie? Why Animals?

I blame my Mother – God rest her soul. She used to describe people as animals and would hoot at her own imagination. It must have penetrated my subconscious because I have tended to do the same – for my sins! Then, of course, we use metaphors in everyday language e.g. brave as a lion,…
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The people behind my new book… The Corporate Menagerie

I have met many people in my life, you knowsome are good pals and some barely so.I have met tall people and short people and some in between –I have met plenty people that I’ve never actually seen I have met boys and girls, some young and some oldI have met some who are shy…
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