The Corporate Menagerie – So, why did it take so long, Tom?

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The Corporate Menagerie – So, why did it take so long, Tom?

I am a Tinkerman! Always fiddling to get it better. That, and the fact that I got rather busy with my training company. It took the best part of a year to get the text and the illustrations completed. Then I had to edit (a better word for tinkering!). I actually completed the narrative for one hundred and twenty characters but decided that I would do a Book of sixty and if this was successful then I would publish Book 2. I was also writing and launching my first Book at the time, Pride of Lions, which I published in 2018.

It took some time to decide which of the characters should comprise this first edition of The Corporate Menagerie, as I needed to try and achieve a balance and diversity of ‘personalities’, and finally I wanted to test the reaction to some of the characters on Facebook. I also toyed with the idea of releasing an Audio Book at the same time and getting different people to narrate the voices for each character’s verse. I received great co-operation for this idea, but it transpired that the quality wasn’t good enough. This is something that I intend to do as a follow up to the Book.

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