The Corporate Menagerie – First Thoughts

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The Corporate Menagerie – First Thoughts

In the run up to the launch of The Menagerie on 20th January I thought some of you might be interested in learning how I brought my Book to the market. Lots of people will say that they would love to write a Book but to do so you need to really, really want to and you need to have a vivid idea of the type of Book you want to write. I had stumbled on the idea of writing poetry years ago when I wrote a poem for my sisters’ silver wedding anniversary and gradually I became more interested.

It is now a great pleasure for me to be able to write verse. I mention this because without passion writing is nothing. So, I began using social media to test the reaction to my poems. I wrote in different genres and using different styles and I built up a portfolio of friends. I must admit, the positive reaction from Facebook pleasantly surprised me.

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